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Monday, January 10, 2011

In Praise of Pockets!

Ellen, Birdy and Ivy
"What has it got in it's pocketses?"
Golum's riddle to Bilbo the Hobbit

I'm from a story telling family. My mother was Irish. She had many shortfalls, but she could embroider a story until it glowed silver and gold. My father, being of English blood almost never spoke at all.But he read constantly. And when  I was a child they both read constantly to me.

One of my mother's favorites was Katie No-Pocket.This child's delight is about a kangaroo who has no pockets and a very tired out baby who she can't always hold when she's traveling. She discovers aprons in her travels and has so many pockets she carries all the other neighbor animals as well.

I think the stories we tell are cement that could fix the world. The stories we tell ourselves can change our fears and our expectations of ourselves and of the world. The stories we tell our children meld theirs. We should always tell stories, but I think we need to understand that they are powerful and wildly unexpected forces. Certainly they teach us how to turn our daily woes into wows.

I know there are somewhere, neat little girls who grow up to be neat adults. I never was one. I made mud pies. I still kind of do. So aprons are a huge part of my life. I don't need an apron to cover my waist or my front. Preferably the 360 degree cover all is what's required. I love aprons for that reason.

But best of all, THEY HAVE POCKETS!

I can lose almost anything. I lose things in front of me as a specialty. So anything I need all day goes into my pocket. My phone, my daily do list, my pen, dog cookies, a rotary cutter, a snack, a book, a flash drive, my camera,the TV remote. But it's all there, somewhere. I have my scissors clipped on at my neck. If it's on my body, it's not lost.

Does that sound like a big pocket? Well, yes. And it does clank.
Here's my favorite apron pattern. I make 6 of these every six months and have them hanging in my kitchen. When they get tattered, I take them to the kitchen and garden. I do make the pockets bigger ( imagine that!)

The only downside to this pattern is that it takes 6 yards of bias. I cut mine from a bias tube (in whatever yummy fabric I want) and put it on with a serger with fusible thread in the lower looper.
You'll find several great kinds of fusible thread at The Cotton Club

You'll find instructions for no-hand-stitch bias on a serger in my booklet, Machine Binding Techniques. 

You'll find my favorite apron pattern here or at your local pattern store.  My Favorite Apron Pattern
You'll find other apron patterns here.
Search Amazon.com for apron patterns for women

You'll also find Katy No-Pocket (Sandpiper) at Amazon.com. Read it for yourself or share it with your babes. It's a story that changes worlds.

Get ready to get messy and not lose anything. How good is that? The book should fit in your pocket.


Janice PD said...

I love Katy No Pocket! I recently purchased it for my grand daughter...and made her an apron cover-up for Christmas from a vintage child's pattern..Looks like we are on the same wave length, lol!

Marie Z. Johansen said...

What a wonderful post! Love the apron too .. it's very similar to my favorite. I like the idea of making 6 in 6 months too.

Being of the same Irish/English heritage I totally understand the personalities - and I was also fortunate to have books in my life from the get go. It's a wonderful gift isn't it?!

Radka said...

What a lovely post!

"Rhojo" Baldwin said...

You just delight me with your delight in all things common and special...mostly when they are one in the same! Thanks Ellen Anne!

Trudi Sissons said...

Hi Ellen - Unless I was dreaming, I think you sent me an email with information to some sort of file transfer .com site. Because there wasn't any other info from you, I ignored it. I am on vacation right now returning home Friday. Please email me at my usual email, in case you are wanting/needing something prior to then?

Thx and I love this apron pattern!


Tina Rathbone said...

Hi Ellen,
I have this pattern, and have actually sewn it up for each of The Moms. Alice's in a somewhat bizarre orange, green and white African fabric; Mom's in a flowery print (but she's petite so she swam in it and gave it to me! Tee Hee!).
I pawed through my patterns just now to see if our pattern envelopes showed different illustrations, but I'm sure it's the same: Daisy Kingdom. Hugs and love always, Tina in San Diego

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