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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Musings: Art outside the Box: Working and Reworking

This is the time of year when I hunt for the studio floor. I'm not a bad housekeeper. You can't be called bad if you don't do it at all. So at this time of year we have what might be called an archeological dig in the studio, looking for what has been lost in the stratta. Things get flung to and fro in the process of creation and at the end there are large heaps of fabric, stabilizer, clippings, thread ends with small inclusions of scissors, bobbins, and dog cookies, strewn through the studio floor. I don't exactly clean it, but I do sort of sweep through, usually trying to find a path to the iron or to the door.

This is when I find the undone. I always have at least 6-12 projects in different states of doneness. There's the large quilt, ready to bind and I need a back for it. There's the small quilt ready to stitch, and I need a day to just sit and do. And then there's the stymied quilt: the one that didn't quite work. It's waiting for a miracle of some sort. Either I need a new skill or fresh eyes or to decide it just isn't happening. 
I found this lady languishing there.
This series of dancing trees was a challenge I started for myself several years ago. It's particularly a challenge because I really have some difficulty living in my body. I tend to live in my hands and my head. The rest is a lump I drag around with me. So it takes some courage and a bit of extra love to look at bodies at all. But I wanted trees that danced. 

I've found a couple of good tools and an ally. It's interesting to me that my camera sees things I just can't. I'm regularly photoing  unfinished quilts ( particularly quilts I can't take time with ) and viewing them through the lens. It's astonishing how clearly the camera shows me what I've got. My friend Rebecca Dorian Brown is a fabulous art ally. Through Team Viewer (this very cool program that lets you look at each other's computer screen in live time) we've been checking each other's work and been able to see what needs to happen next. It's invaluable to have another set of eyes on something, and Rebecca has the best eyes I know.

Thank God for allies and tools! My tree's not done yet but she's in process again, because I can really see where I'm going.

This is good because she has a date. My tree is  going to be shown at Trinity Episcopal Church on the First Friday Gallery Walk in Michigan City, IN on January 7th.

All four of these pieces will be on display at
Trinity Episcopal Church
6th Street and Franklin
Michigan City, IN
 5PM through 7PM
January 7th
6th Street Entrance
call for info

The First Friday Gallery Walk is something like River North for Michigan City. There's a number of excellent and edgy galleries, all open and on display each first Friday of the month. Wander, eat, see wonders and dream of art! Please come and see them there.

I hope this year brings you new tools, fresh eyes, true allies, and places to let your work shine.

You'll find Rebecca's amazing work at Rebecca Dorian Brown Art.
You'll find more information about Trinity Church here.


Cobi said...

what you are writing about sounds all so familiar. I don't have a studio but do all my work in the living room. my mom has nightmares about that room. my friend feels at home because her room is just the same. yesterday I was searching for forms I had to fill in and found my saw for iron again. happy! never found the form tho'. your trees are fascinating, gorgeous. I love trees, my favorite is the pollard tree, so much charactar. I also take pictures and look at my work on the laptop. also I have a creative daughter who gives good hints.

Pat Winter said...

I think I need to visit....John will be returning to work next week...................

Brigitte Brenda said...

Wonderful stuff! You are really so creative, thanks too for that idea with the screen-vue.
I think, I will play with that soon.

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