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Monday, September 20, 2010

Art Outside the Box: Hunger is a Sauce

Like most red blooded American women of my age, I'm not used to hunger.I learned my clothes making from the Amir the tentmaker design school. My mother described me as a pork chop in my baby pictures. If somehow I became miraculously thin, I would be in a massive identity crisis.

This is not to say I haven't tried from time to time. But after 15 years of therapy, I've learned there's little that can't be soothed by a half gallon of Breyers in solitary splendor.
So hunger is basically a stranger. I'm very careful not to be hungry, and really only get in that spot when I'm traveling in the back of the beyond. It's just as well. I tend to faint and bite people's heads off. Since neither of those things get you where you're going, they're best to be avoided.


It's interesting when you're put nose to nose with your fears. I had a health scare where my acupuncturist put me on an eleven day cleanse that had 4 fast days in it.

I haven't fasted since I fainted for my first four communions at church. The last time I woke up with the priest standing over me saying, "Don't even try."
But I love my acupuncturist. I even trust her. So I did it.
It's interesting to find that hunger isn't all about food. 

I found myself desperately hungry for companionship.
I found myself hungry for color and sound, stimulation.
I found myself desperately hungry for parts of my art on hold while I work out necessary practicalities.
I found myself desperately hungry for people I haven't seen.
I found myself hungry for love I can't quite give.
I found myself terrified to be hungry for what is holy in my life.

    Isn't it interesting how much of your real self you can hide in an ice cream container?

    So, if I'm hungry enough to feel those other hungers, maybe that hunger is the sauce, the luscious topping that launches me out of myself and out of hiding, in search of what I really need. 


    Createology said...

    This is truly profound and an interesting way to think of things. Thank you for sharing your wise words and your introspection. I do pray that you will be well and healthy.

    acarolegrant said...

    Oooh... love the way you described this 'hunger'... been there, often am...
    thank you for 'letting it out'..
    color helps me... when I am 'hungry'...physically? water takes the edge off.

    tina said...

    Ellen, what a profound and raw post from you. I love it! I've read that we, at any given moment, crave: food, sex, intoxicants, sugar, exercise, speed (in the sense of adrenaline or excitement), etc. All of these sort of fill the same "hunger" need. I dunno, sounds plausible. I guess it's up to us to choose wisely (nudging myself here).

    Love, and thanks so much for commenting on Sue's quilt and on my Tropical Sundance post. Your energy is always in this house, filled with your beautiful quilts. I soon will post on your prominence in our collection, and your influence on my art and life.
    Hugs, tina

    Lisa said...

    It is amazing how we can still learn about ourselves and our basic necessities. It is a wonderful post.

    Lisa Kay

    Judy Warner said...

    Great post - true thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Lyn Wolf Jackson said...

    Wow, that song is about me! Thanks for the words!

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